Mrs Browns Boys cast star in the hit tv series of the same name, da movie and now a live tv episode

Mrs Brown’s Boys In the Beginning

Mrs Brown’s Boy’s, The Pilot Episode, Dermot’s Dilemma, 2009 (never Transmitted)

In early 2009, Brendan O’Carroll was approached by BBC Scotland producer Stephen McCrum to create a television series based on his successful stage show.

O’Carroll recruited an expanded cast mainly from family members and wrote a pilot, but production was held back a year due to the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand incident.

The pilot, created in November 2009, was never broadcast. However it was submitted to the BBC and within three weeks of submission the BBC commissioned a full series.

Subsequently, Irish broadcaster RTE came on board to help produce the series in partnership with the BBC. The first series aired on RTE One on 1st January 2011. I n the United Kingdom, the BBC transmitted the first episode on 21st February 2011.

Summary (Based on The Mammy)

Agnes learns that her son Dermot has split up with his girlfriend Maria because he doesn’t want to look at houses with her or move in with her.

Grandad receives a visit from Dr. Flynn, who asks to do a rectal reading, ending up with Grandad getting a thermometer stuck in his posterior.

Agnes is concerned over Dermot and talks to Cathy about his situation, but when she wants to try to sort things out, Cathy warns her to stay out of it. Agnes of course doesn’t listen, and talks to Maria before asking her to apologise for upsetting Dermot.

Maria tells Agnes she misunderstood the situation, and when Dermot gets home, she tells him to “get stuffed”.

Meanwhile down at the pub Winnie talks about sex and vibrators and Cathy announces she has a date.

Betty proposes that Cathy give Dermot and Maria a counselling session; Agnes disagrees. Cathy goes ahead with the counselling and stages a fake fight with Agnes that results in Dermot proposing to Maria.

The differences between Dermot’s Dilemma and The Mammy

While the episodes Dermot’s Dilemma and The Mammy are effectively the same there are a few slight differences.  The dialogue and some of the characters are slightly changed and in Dermot’s Dilemma Sharon McGoogan appears in the place of Betty who is not included in this episode.

Amanda Woods who plays Betty in The Mammy is credited as Baghdad Barbie even though she doesn’t appear in this episode.



Brendan O’ Carroll – Agnes Brown
Dermot O’Neil – Grandad Brown
Jennifer Gibney – Cathy Brown
Paddy Houlihan – Dermot Brown
Derek Reddin – Dr Flynn
Fiona O’Carroll – Maria Nicholson
Eilish O’Carroll – Winnie McGoogan


Channel: Un-transmitted
Written By: Brendan O’Carroll
Originally Recorded: 2009