Norman Wisdom Is:  The Man Of The Moment, 1955

Man of the Moment was Norman Wisdom’s third film for Rank.  Not a huge critical success over here, but never the less a massive box office triumph both here and Hungry.

As well as the usual mix of slapstick and songs there are some guest songs from The Beverley Sisters, a guest appearance from Charles Hawtrey who would later find fame in the Carry On films.


Norman Wisdom plays Norman a file clerk in the (fictional) British Ministry of Overseas Affairs.  With nobody else available Norman becomes a British delegate to a diplomatic conference in Geneva.

During an important vote Norman accidentally votes against a motion that would allow intervention in the affairs of the (fictional) peaceful Pacific island nation of Tawaki.  The Queen of Tawaki is delighted making humble Norman the ‘Honourable Sir Norman’, leaving all matters concerning her nation’s future in his hands.

The governments, including America, Great Britain and the Soviet Union, are furious as they want to establish a military base on one of Tawaki’s outlying islands,.

In an attempt to persuade Norman to influence the Queen in their favour they shower him with honours.  One government sends a glamorous film star to seduce him before killing him, but fails in the attempt. He is then sent a parcel bomb, but he evades it.  They even kidnap his new girlfriend Penny., but Norman chases the thugs through BBC studios, causing chaos in programmes being transmitted live.

Finally, Norman, now apparently an Ambassador travels to Tawaki.  As he is addressing the Queen, a volcanic eruption completely destroys the island the governments had designs on.








Cast Highlights

Norman Wisdom – Norman
Lana Morris – Penny
Inia Te Wiata – King of Tawaki
Violet Farebrother – Queen Of Tawaki
Jerry Desmonde – Jackson


Written By: Maurice Cowan, Vernon Sylvaine and John Paddy Carstairs
Distributed By; Rank Organisation
Original UK Release Date: 24th November 1955