Mann’s Best Friends, 1985

Coming from the pen of Last Of The Summer Wine comes this six part sitcom.

Despite a strong cast Mann’s Best Friends only managed one series.


When Henry Mann inherits The Laurels he also inherits its assorted resident oddballs, who include ill-tempered alcoholic Duncan, blonde temptress Dolly Delights and several Chinese waiters.

Then comes the arrival of retired Water Board official Hamish James Ordway, a nosey parker and colossal fusspot with a flair for what he euphemistically calls ‘organisation’ – and Mann offers him free accommodation at The Laurels in return for straightening out the chaos prevailing within…







Fulton Mackay – Hamish James Ordway
Barry Stanton – Henry Mann
Bernard Bresslaw -Duncan
Barbara Hicks – Mrs Mann
Patricia Blake – Dolly Delights


Channel: Channel 4
Written By: Roy Clarke
Original Transmission Dates: 15th April – 20th May 1985

The complete series of Mann’s Best Friends is available on DVD from Network On Air

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