Hancock’s Ashes, 2014

Not quite Hancock’s return, but back in 1968 Willie Rushton flew to Australia to bring back the ashes of Tony Hancock.

In 2014 a short one off comedy drama was written about the event and broadcast on Radio 4.


The year is 1968 and legendary comedian Tony Hancock has committed suicide in Australia. Willie Rushton flies out to bring Hancock’s Ashes back to Britain.

This play imagines what might have happened behind the scenes.

As to why Willie Rushton.  Rushton had met his wife Australian actress Arlene Dorgan in Australia.  Whilst Rushton was there he had struck up a friendship with Hancock.

It was Roger Hancock,Tony’s brother who asked Willie Rushton to bring back Hancock’s ashes.





Ewan Bailey
Richard Dillane
Paul Heath
Roslyn Hill


Channel: BBC Radio 4
Written By: Caroline and David Stafford


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