Merry Christmas Mr Bean, 1992

Merry Christmas Mr Bean was the seventh episode in the popular series.  On it’s first transmission it was watched by 18.48 million viewers.

Merry Christmas Mr Bean was significant for three lasts.  The last episode to be co-written with Richard Curtis, the last to be broadcast by Thames for ITV and marked the final appearance of Irma Gibb, Mr Bean’s girlfriend, although she would reappear in the animated series eleven years later.


The episode was presented in three parts.

In part one Mr Bean does a spot of Christmas shopping at Harrods to buy some Christmas decorations.  Causing his usual mayhem he manages in the process to fuse the store’s exterior lights.  A visit to a Christmas market results in winning a turkey (by cheating) and a visit to a jewellers store with his girlfriend that will later result in a disappointment.

Finally after realising that all the Christmas trees have been sold he cuts down the large tree in the market attaches it to his mini and drives off.

Part two is set on Christmas Eve and sees Mr Bean setting up part of his stolen Christmas tree, writing cards to himself, trying to find something to watch on TV and rudely shutting the door on a group of carol singers.

In the final part we arrive at Christmas day.  Bean is preparing his turkey and finds his head stuck inside.  Irma receives her eagerly awaited present but it’s not the ring from the jewellers, it is in fact the hook and portrait of the ring.   A furious Irma storms out of the flat.

On his own Mr Bean decides to pull his super cracker.  The episode ends with a view of Bean’s flat window from the street, along with a sudden white flash and a loud banging sound.








Mr Bean – Rowan Atkinson
Irma Gobb – Matilda Ziegler


Channel: ITV
Written By: Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll
Produced By: Tiger Aspect Productions for Thames TV
Original Transmission Date: 29th December 1992


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