Learning To Drive

We go back to the second Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em Christmas special.  Hard to believe this is over forty years old.

Learning to drive was the second Christmas Special of the ever popular show.  Of the three series made the first two were screened in 1973.  A Christmas Special – Jessica’s First Christmas took care of 1974, as there was no regular series, with Learning To Drive screened in 1975 doing the same.  After this Special there would be no more from Frank until 1978.

There are some golden moments in this episode not least the beginning and end scenes with Frank The Pixie and ending his driving test in the water !


After being fired from his job as a Christmas pixie, Frank receives a letter from the BBC inviting him to appear on a show called ‘Man about the Home’. David Jacobs turns up and attempts to film but Frank’s DIY disasters become apparent.

At the same time, Frank is taking driving lessons. He takes his test (for the 10th time) – a series of near misses ensue and Frank ends up driving off the end of a pier into the sea. Even then, he yells to the harassed and bedraggled examiner, who has made rapidly for the shore, “Mr Hayes – have I passed?”


You can’t break up a classic, but please note this particular video plays better on PC/Tablet




Michael Crawford
Michelle Dotrice


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Raymond Allen
Original Transmission Date: 25th December 1975



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