Blackadder’s Christmas Carol – 1988

The second of the one off specials the series produced sees Blackadder in the story of Scrooge (A Christmas Carol) with a twist.


Ebeneezer Blackadder is the Victorian proprietor of a “moustache shop”, is the nicest man in England.  In fact he is everything Scrooge was by the end of A Christmas Carol”.

As a result, everybody takes advantage of his kindness and all but Mr Baldrick view him as a victim, although even he is slightly more cynical than his ancestors.

His business turns no profit, all his earnings going to charity and to con artists and he lives a lonely, miserable life.  However this is all about to change…

One Christmas Eve the Spirit of Christmas calls round to congratulate him for his ways.  After letting him see his ancestors Ebeneezer Blackadder is curious to know what could happen if he became like them.

After being shown a vision of his distant and successful descendant and a vision of what he will become if he stays as he is, Blackadder decides that bad guys have all the fun.

He wakes up the next morning a changed man, bitter, vengeful, greedy for money, and insulting to everyone he meets, including without knowing Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who had come to reward him for his good deeds.










Rowan Atkinson – Ebeneezer Blackadder
Tony Robinson – Mr Baldrick
Robbie Coltrane – Spirit Of Christmas


Written By: Ben Elton and Richard Curtis
Produced By: John Lloyd
Channel: BBC1
Original Transmission Date: 23rd December 1988

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol is available on BBC DVD and as part of the complete Box Set.

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