British comedy and topical news show. Hosted by comedian Russell Howard.  An independent production for the BBC by Avalon Television, this show has to date (2016) ran for ten series.

It made it’s debut in 2009 on digital (now online) channel BBC Three.  The show became a huge hit with audiences with it being voted ,in 2013, by users of Digital Spy as the Best Show Ever on BBC Three in the run up to the channel’s tenth anniversary.

In June 2014 the BBC announced that the show was moving to BBC2 for it’s 9th series.


Comedian Russell Howard  offers his commentary on the news of the week through mostly stand-up, along with sketches and humorous video clips, whilst also having guest appearances from people who have been featured in the media recently.

At the end of the show there is a move away from comedy with a feature entitled “It’s Not All Doom and Gloom” This segment involves no comedy at all, as it primarily focuses on a heart-warming story, either of someone who has endured hardships in their life, troubles in their homeland, or disabilities to accomplish amazing feats or extraordinary achievements (even wonderful animals), a person who has done something incredible in their life, or someone who has done charity work to aid those less fortunate.







Russell Howard


BBC Three (2009 – 13)
BBC2 (2014 – present)
Original transmission Dates: 22nd Ocober 2009 – present

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