Minder, A Lot Of Bull And A Pat On The Back, 1980

It’s classic Minder in perhaps one of the best episodes of the series as Terry unwittingly finds himself helping Arthur steal a prize bull.

For many years it was assumed this episode was the final episode of series 2 simply because it’s  was broadcast date .  However this was in the London region only, as in the London region Thames broadcast a Telethon for Children’s charities on 2nd October 1980 whilst the rest of the country tuned in to this episode.  It finally broadcast in the London region to catch up on 18th December 1980.


There are two arcs to this story.  Terry’s friend Debbie is being followed and is worried, she asks Terry to help by watching her home from work each day.

Meanwhile Arthur is hired by two farmers to repossess a prize bull.  He a persuades a very reluctant Terry to help him, telling him it’s a quick day in the country.  When they later read in the newspaper that the bull has been stolen, Terry, determined to clear himself of any guilt, persuades Arthur to help him steal it back.  They return it to the farmers and also return the money they’ve been paid.

In the meantime Terry is late for seeing Debbie home from work and she ends up in hospital.  Terry tracks down and sees off a brothel-keeper who’s been hassling Debbie and her fellow strippers.







Dennis Waterman
George Cole
Glynn Edwards
Diana Malin


Channel: ITV
Written By: Leon Griffiths
Original UK Transmission Date: 2nd October 1980 (except London) , 18th December 1980 (London region only)


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