Minder On The Orient Express – 1985

Minder’s first feature length episode headed ITV’s Christmas schedules for 1985.  Accompanied by an all star cast it’s laughs from start to finish with Terry and Arthur as they swap the streets of London for the glamour of  The Orient Express.

Airing after series six, it would be three more years before we would see the return of Terry and Arthur, in what would be Dennis Waterman’s final series

George Cole is reported to have cited Minder On The Orient Express as “probably” his favourite episode of the whole series.


When gangland villain Jack South passes away he leaves a strongbox to his daughter Nicki.

Believing the contents of said box contain a clue as to the whereabouts of her Father’s ill gotten gains Nikki books a trip to Switzerland with her boyfriend on The Orient Express.  However there are many interested parties in the ‘loot’ and Nicki is being followed.

Meanwhile Terry is minding the door at a club where Nicki South holds a birthday party.  When she is mugged Terry comes to the rescue and is thanked by way of a pair of tickets for the Orient Express, he decides to take his current girlfriend with him, but things never go according to plan.

Arthur has witnessed a robbery and is now busy avoiding both the perpetrator and a subpoena to testify in court.  Enter Terry’s tickets and 90 minutes of hilarity as Terry and Arthur race across Europe on The Orient Express.







Dennis Waterman – Terry McCann
George Cole – Arthur Daley
Glynn Edwards – Dave Harris
Patrick Malahide – Detective Sergeant Chisholm
Peter Childs – Detective Sergeant Rycott
Amanda Pays – Nikki South
Adam Faith – Hitman
Ralph Bates – Sergeant Francois LeBlanc


Written By: Andrew Payne
Channel: ITV
Original Transmission Date: 25th December 1985


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