Minder – The Gary Webster Years – 1991

In 1989 Dennis Waterman announced he would no longer appear, saying that the character had run its course, and that it was becoming harder for the writers to come up with plots as sharp as the series had been accustomed to.  Many fans thought it was the end, although rumours about a replacement for Terry were rife.

In 1991 the series returned for it’s eighth run.  In episode 1, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Entrepreneur”, Arthur finds Terry has married and emigrated to Australia to escape his influence. At the same time he is stuck with looking after his nephew Ray Daley (Gary Webster), at the request of Arthur’s brother to give him employment and keep him out of trouble. With Terry out of the scene, local undesirables start to muscle in on Arthur, but it emerges that Ray is able to handle himself in a fight and Arthur appoints him his new “minder”.

Ray was portrayed as smarter, having good intelligence and education (“O” Level French and Woodwork) as well as being able to fight. He was also a snappy dresser, and not a heavy drinker. Ray did not have a regular car and was usually lumbered with the old blue Ford Transit from Arthur’s lock-up.

The series whilst retaining it’s title shifted focus onto Arthur’s dodgy dealings with the same comedic effect as before.


Arthur Daley has a new Minder and he’s “family”.  Continuing his dodgy dealings Arthur puts upon his new Minder in the same way he did with Terry.

The new series produced some classic moments such as Ray tidying out the lock up to be confronted by Arthur, Ray tells him he’s clearing out some of the old tat, Arthuer replies “How dare you, we do not have loads of old tat, we have clearence sales!”

At the end of series 10 Arthur finally meets his match when dealing in stolen fish with a local Italian restauranteur who has been cheating on his wife.  When she finds out she informs the Police of Arthur’s dealings implicating her husband, Ray and Dave.

The final scene sees them being driven off in the back of a police van.

Despite many rumours that was the last we saw of Arthur Daley.






George Cole
Gary Webster
Glynn Edwards


Created by: Leon Griffiths
Channel: ITV
Original Transmission
Series 8 – 1992
Series 9&10 – 1993 -1994


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