My Good Friend, 1995

My Good friend was an ITV sitcom that ran for 2 series of 7 episodes each between 1995 and 1996.  It’s another of those forgotten shows written by a well known writer, in this case Bob Larbey who alongside writing partner Jon Esmonde created some of our finest sitcoms (The Good Life, Get Some In, among others)

The series starred George Cole as Peter Banks, a widowed pensioner and Richard Pearson as retired librarian: Harry King.


Peter Banks lives with his daughter Betty and son-in-law Brian, but knows that his presence there is making things uncomfortable for all three of them.

Peter meets Harry King and his landlady, a single mother called Ellie.  As time goes on Peter, Harry and Ellie realise that they can fill the gaps in each other’s lives resulting in Peter moving into the spare room at Ellie’s house.







George Cole – Peter Banks
Richard Pearson – Harry King
Minnie Driver – Ellie (series 1)
Lesley Vickerage –  Ellie (series 2)
Matilda Ziegler – Betty (series 1)
Annabelle Aspon – Betty (series 2)
Michael Lumsden – Brian


Channel: ITV
Written By: Bob Larbey
Produced For ITV By: Hartswood Films  in association with Anglia Television
Original Transmission Dates: 4th April 1995 – 8th October 1996

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