No Sex Please We’re British – 1973

An all star cast assembled for the 1973 film No Sex Please We’re British adapted from the classic stage play of the same name that made it’s debut in 1971.

For the film version, a number of changes were made to the original plot. Although we have not been able to find out exactly what these are we would assume they included the setting of an actual bank and possibly the outside scenes.

This is one of those films that has seldom had a repeat airing on TV, which is a shame because the all star cast work well together and it is very funny.  There are some very familiar names from TV comedy among the cast.


Brian Runnicles, is a clerk at a small-town British bank (openly depicted in the film as the branch of Barclays Bank in Windsor High Street).

When a package arrives at the bank, that he is expecting to contain his new calculator, he is horrified on opening it to find it does not contain his calculator, but some illegal pornography.  Trying to avoid people getting the wrong idea he decides it must be disposed of.

His efforts to dispose of it, while avoiding detection, turn into a farcical series of events including a bank inspector, the police and a local criminal to whom the pornography actually belongs.










Ronnie Corbett – Brian Runnicles
Ian Ogilvy – David Hunter
Susan Penhaligon – Penny Hunter
Beryl Reid – Bertha Hunter
Arthur Lowe – Mr Bromley
Michael Bates – Mr Needham
Cheryl Hall – Daphne
David Swift – Inspector Paul
Deryck Guyler – Park keeper
Valerie Leon – Susan
Margaret Nolan – Barbara
Gerald Sim – Reverend Mower
John Bindon – Pete
Stephen Greif – Niko
Michael Robbins – Car driver
Frank Thornton – Glass Shop Manager
Michael Ripper – Traffic warden
Lloyd Lamble – American man
Mavis Villiers – American lady
Sydney Bromley – Rag & Bone Man
Brian Wilde – Policeman in park
Eric Longworth – Man with Lighter
Edward Sinclair – Postman
Robin Askwith – Baker’s delivery man


Written By: Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer
Produced By: John R. Sloan
Directed By: Cliff Owen
UK Release Date: 25th July 1973




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