Now Look Here, 1971

Now Look Here was an early BBC Ronnie Corbett sitcom that ran along similar lines to his later series ‘Sorry!’

The show ran for 14 episodes over 2 series, all episodes still exist in the archives, although one is a conversion from an American NTSC format.


Ronnie Corbett plays a character of the same name, a young man trying to break free from his Mother, but having a little difficulty in doing so.

However, with a little help from his friend Keith Ronnie does eventually manage to break free, even if he does end up living just a few doors away.  In series 2 he even gets married to local librarian Laura.







Ronnie Corbett – Ronnie Corbett
Rosemary Leach – Laura
Madge Ryan – Mother (series 1)
Gillian Lind – Mother (series 2)
Richard O’Sullivan – Keith Newell
Donald Hewlett – Colonel Sutcliffe


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Barry Cryer and Graham Chapman
Original Transmission Dates: 5th November 1971 – 7th March 1973

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