Oh What A Year, 1991

There is a good reason for picking this year as you’ll see later but first in the words of Francis Howerd “The Prologue”

Mrs Thatcher had been replaced  Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister by John Major.  Britain was heading into recession, the much hated Poll Tax was finally replaced.



But as well as the news We said farewell to some of our best loved sitcoms in 1991.

There’s been a huge celebration of 40 years since the first Only Fools and Horses, but in February 1991 Del and Raquel had little Damien and we said goodbye to Only Fools as a regular series it would continue for a while as a regular Christmas event.  This had to be one of the highlights of the season



Bread.  Like Only Fools this classic sitcom ended after 7 series.  Unlike Only Fools this really was the end.  The streetwise Boswell family had entertained us since 1986



And in 1990 two of the lead characters left to pursue new interests and were replaced with new actors

Other popular sitcoms to end in this year included:

Never The Twain, after 11 series it was time to say goodbye



Brush Strokes finally made it’s last stroke, after five series.  Always felt this one dragged on a little too long



And for William and Hester it was time to cross the channel back to Blighty as we said a farewell to French Fields after 3 series

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