On The Buses, Boxing Day Social, 1971

This episode is 50 years old today and just as funny as when it first aired.  Completing series five of the popular sitcom, matters turn to the annual ‘busman’s social.’


It’s Boxing Day and Arthur’s Mother has come to stay, along with his sister Linda who proceeds to throw herself at the men making a play for Jack.

The two families go to the bus company’s “Boxing Day” dance where Arthur warns Jack to keep away from Linda but finds himself the object of desire for conductress Beryl, leading to Olive causing a scene.

However it’s not just Olive causing a scene, as when Blakey shows Arthur’s Mother around the depot, they catch Stan and Linda in a compromising position.





Reg Varney – Stan
Doris Hare – Mam
Michael Robbins – Arthur
Anna Karen – Olive
Stephen Lewis – Inspector Blake
Bob Grant – Jack
Gillian Lind – Mrs Rudge (Arthur’s Mother)
Helen Fraser – Linda


Channel: ITV
Written By: Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney
Original Transmission Date: 26th December 1971

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