Minder, An Officer And A Car Salesman, 1988

In 1985 Minder closed series six with Minder On The Orient Express which became the show’s first festive edition and feature length episode.  The show then took a three year break returning Christmas 1988.

An Officer And A Car Salesman became the second feature length Minder episode shown as a lead in to the show’s seventh series, which would be the last to feature Dennis Waterman and the second episode to be shown during the festive break.




Terry and Arthur are back.  However Terry has left the glamour of the Orient Express behind for prison, having been convicted of receiving stolen goods (actually stored in his flat by Arthur)

Terry  emerges from prison after serving 16 months, determined to have nothing further to do with Arthur. Meanwhile, Arthur has done well for himself, operating a large warehouse and import/export operation, employing several staff and driving a Rolls Royce.

DS Rycott is still with the Metropolitan Police whilst DS Chisholm is now Chief Security Officer at a private security firm having suffered a nervous breakdown.  Dc Jones has ben promoted to DS.

One of Arthur’s  customers is self-styled ‘Colonel’ Caplan, who operates a military-style executive survival programme from his country estate.  Wanting nothing more to do with Arthur a now unemployed Terry is recommended for a job as a gardener/handyman on the estate by Angie, an employee of Arthur’s.

In true Minder style things are never what they seem.  Angie is actually an under-cover police officer, investigating the possibility of nefarious activities between Arthur and Caplan.

Once again Arthur is in it up to his neck as it emerges that Caplan and his staff are planning a military-style gold bullion robbery.

Will Terry and Arthur emerge unscathed?




Because it’s Christmas



Arthur Daley – George Cole
Terry McCann – Dennis Waterman
Colonel Caplan – Richard Briers


Channel: ITV
Written By: Tony Hoare
Original Transmission Date: 26th December 1988

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