On The Buses, Goodbye Stan, 1973

Whilst this hugely popular sitcom enjoys regular repeats on ITV3 it’s hard to believe it’s 50 years ago this year that it ended.

Coming half way through the seventh and final series (episode 7) of On The Buses in 1973, lead actor Reg Varney takes his leave from the series to pursue other projects.


Stan decides he can make more money if he heads North and gets work in a car factory.  In a typical Stan Butler move he decides rather than hand in his resignation, he’ll get Blakey to sack him, this way he can get a week’s wages.

He celebrates his last night at home and is unable to eat the fry-up his Mum has cooked him so he sticks it in his uniform pocket.  The fry up is discovered when Blakey comes around to collect the uniform.

In a twist of fete Blakey has been evicted from his own lodgings, with the Butler household short of a wage and Stan leaving there’s a spare room.  Blakey accepts the offer to take Stan’s room and becomes the Butlers’ new lodger.





Reg Varney – Stan Butler
Bob Grant-  Jack Harper
Stephen Lewis – Inspector Blake
Anna Karen – Olive Rudge
Doris Hare – Mum


Channel: ITV
Written By: Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe
Original Transmission Date: 8th April, 1973