Mutiny On The Buses

Mutiny On The Buses – 1972

The second of three movie spin offs from the popular TV Series, sees Stan and company up to their necks in trouble again.


When Stan  agrees to marry Susy, there’s much anguish from the rest of the family, particularly when Arthur loses his job meaning Stan is the main money earner.  He agrees to delay the wedding while teaching Arthur to drive a bus.

Meanwhile there is mutiny at the depot when the Depot Manager installs a new radio control system in all the buses (borrowing an idea previously used in the episode “Radio Control”). Jack  tampers with the radio system and crosses the wires with the police frequency and several misunderstandings ensue.

Stan and Jack get into various scrapes, including a fire drill and a special tours trip to Windsor Safari Park, all to the exasperation of Inspector Blake.





Reg Varney – Stan Butler
Doris Hare – Mum
Michael Robbins – Arthur Rudge
Anna Karen – Olive Rudge
Stephen Lewis – Inspector Blake
Bob Grant – Jack Grant
Janet Mahoney – Susy
Pat Ashton – Norah
Kevin Brennan – Mr Jenkins
Bob Todd – New Inspector
David Lodge – Safari Guard
Tex Fuller – Harry
Caroline Dowdeswell – Sandra
Damaris Hayman – Mrs Jenkins
Michael Nightingale – Airline pilot
Roger Avon – Policeman (Safari Park)


Written By: Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe
Distributed By: Hammer Films
Produced By: Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe
Directed By: Harry Booth
Original Release Date: June 1972