One Foot In The Grave, The Beast In The Cage, 1992

As we look forward to the return of normality we thought we’d take a look back to those Bank Holiday day trips and stuck in traffic – Victor Meldrew Style.

Taken from series three this was One Foot In The Grave’s 17th episode.  Classic comedy all the way this episode is almost 30 years old.

Interestingly although the episode is set in Summer, it was actually filmed in Winter, when there were actually real cars driving past during filming.


A bank holiday day out turns into a nightmare when the Meldrews and Mrs. Warboys become stuck in a traffic jam staring at a horse’s backside for over four hours.

In an attempt to lighten the mood with music, Victor finds a song about him (to the tune of Cym Rhondda) sung by his car mechanics.







Victor Meldrew – Richard Wilson
Margaret Meldrew – Annette Crosbie
Mrs Warboys – Doreen Mantle


Channel: BBC1
Written By: David Renwick
Original Transmission Date: 23rd February 1992

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