Open All Hours, 1976

In Tribute To Lynda Barron, 1939 – 2022

A true classic sitcom.  Starting out  as the opening episode of the Seven Of One series in 1973, Open All Hours ran for twenty six episodes over four series between 1976 and 1985.

In an interview with us, writer Roy Clarke explained how the idea for the series came about.  “The BBC were doing a series “Seven Of One” for Ronnie Barker, looking for ideas that could make it to a full series.  I had lunch with Ronnie Barker, who said he always wanted to play one of those shopkeepers who sells everything.  The idea particularly appealed to me as my wife used to run one.”

The show was originally broadcast in three blocks: series one in 1976, series 2 and 3 1981 and 1982, series four 1985.  Series One was originally broadcast on BBC2 before moving to BBC1 for the remaining three series.

In 2004, the series was voted eighth in a poll by the BBC to find Britain’s Best Sitcom.


Ronnie Barker stars as Arkwright, the stuttering grocer.  Arkwright’s urge to take money from customers is second only to his need to prevent his nephew, Granville, from discovering a world beyond the shop bell… And, of course, his passion for nurse Gladys Emmanuel.

Episodes generally involve some plan by Arkwright to wed Nurse Gladys, save money or sell more stock and end with Arkwright shutting shop for the night with his reflection on the day.








Arkwright – Ronnie Barker
Granville – David Jason
Nurse Gladys Emanuelle – Lynda Barron (Sheila Brennan – pilot)
Widow Featherstone – Stephanie Cole
Mrs Blewitt – Kathy Staff
Milk Lady – Barbera Flynn
Mavis – Maggie Ollerenshaw


Channel: BBC2 (series one), BBC1 (series two, three and four)
Written By: Roy Clarke
Original Transmission Dates:
Pilot episode:
25 March 1973
Series 1:
20 February – 26 March 1976
Series 2:
1 March – 19 April 1981
Series 3:
21 March – 25 April 1982
Series 4:
1 September – 6 October 1985

Where To Watch

Open All Hours appears regularly on GOLD, Yesterday, all four series are available on DVD and also streaming service Brit Box Uk


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