You Can’t Show That ! Well They Did In The Day

Sitcoms are no stranger to controversy, even today with watershed times, language etc.  However in years gone by they just put them out and worried about it later.

Till Death Us Do Part

This one was controversial in it’s day with it’s racist themes and language.  You’d never get away with some of the earlier episodes now.



Love Thy Neighbour

Perhaps the most controversial of all, it never gets repeated, although it did once get a full re-run on UK Gold.  A comedy of opposites, but a highly charged subject matter.  For every racist remark Eddie made Bill got the better of him getting the bigger laughs.




Curry And Chips

So offensive did the broadcasters find this it lasted only one series.



Are You Being Served ?

Double entendres at the ready.  This hugely popular sitcom caused problems with it’s pussy jokes and camp behaviour from John Inman.  Realistically it was just a send up of a set of eccentric characters and how they fitted in with life working t a department store.



You look back with fondness on these old comedies and for the most part didn’t give morals a second thought, we just laughed.  Today they even preceed a Dad’s Army movie showing with a warning that it contains attitudes from a different time.

It’s time to wake up before we just daren’t laugh in case we cause offence.


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