Yes Minister – Party Games, 1984

Over thirty years since it was first screened Yes Minister remains as sharp as ever.

In 1984, almost two years after the last episode, the BBC aired a one-hour long Christmas episode of Yes Minister.  It was important in that it provided the link to the series that would follow: Yes Prime Minister.

Brief Summary

With Christmas fast approaching, Jim Hacker has two things on his mind. The first is a mountain of Christmas cards, which await various versions of his signature; now that he is also Party Chairman, there are more to send than ever before.

The second is an EEC Directive to standardise the Euro-sausage, which Hacker knows will be very unpopular with voters. He is therefore reluctant to send a card to Maurice, the EEC Commissioner.

Meanwhile the  unexpected resignation of the PM prompts a race for the succession, and as Party Chairman, Hacker is in a key position — and the Civil Service, now headed by Sir Humphrey, has its own agenda, is Jim Hacker their man for No. 10 ?







Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP – Paul Eddington
Sir Humphrey Appleby (Permanent Secretary) – Nigel Hawthorne
Bernard Woolley (Private Secretary) – Derek Fowlds


Channel: BBC 2 (confirmation required)
Written By:  Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn
Original Transmission: 17th December 1984


This Christmas Special Episode would be the final episode of Yes Minister, leading to a new series Yes Prime Minister.



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