Mollie Sugden stars alongside Christopher Blake and Jennifer Lonsdale in the hit 1980's comedy that's my boy

That’s My Boy, Christmas 1984

That’s My Boy, Christmas 1984, Little Donkey

It’s a shame this sitcom doesn’t get a repeat showing or pop up on the various streaming services because it’s really worth a second look.

Little Donkey was the show’s second Christmas special screened in 1984 some six months after the third series had ended, series 5 would begin in January 1985.


After practising takes Ida and Angie to breaking point Robert’s musical plans are thrown into disarray when he discovers one of the nurses is already singing Little Donkey at the hospital Christmas Concert.




After dabbling with the idea of a juggling act ends up with many broken plates, Wilfred suggests an alternative act: mindreading!






Robert Price – Christopher Blake
Angie Price – Jennifer Lonsdale
Ida Willis – Mollie Sugden
Wilfred Willis – Harold Goodwin
Mrs Price – Clare Richards


Channel: ITV
Written By: Pam Valentine and Michael Ashton
Originally Transmitted: 28th December 1984