Sink Or Swim, 1980

Running for three series totalling 19 episodes Sink Or swim was Peter Davison’s second sitcom, the first being Holding The Fort.

Filmed in the early 1980’s. This meant production of the final two series overlapped with Peter Davison’s first two years as Doctor Who.

The series is also notable for being Robert Glenister’s first TV role.


Meet brothers Brian and Steve Webber.  They have an idea to start a business.  This involves a soggy narrowboat and a dubious decision to ply the Thameside tourist trade.

Unfortunately Steve is loutish and lazy whereas Brian is charming and ambitious .

Brian finds both his enthusiasm and his relationship with idealistic girlfriend Sonia coming under stain with his brother’s persistent presence!







Peter Davison – Brian Webber
Robert Glenister – Steve Webber
Sara Corper – Sonia


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Alex Shearer
Original Transmission Dates: 4th December 1980 – 14th October 1982

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