Record Breakers, 1972

Perhaps alongside Blue Peter, which is still running today, Record Breakers is one of the longest running kids TV shows.

The show itself was a spin off from a feature on Blue Peter in which had featured world record breaking attempts overseen by the McWhirter twins, who themselves were famous for creating and compiling the Guinness Book Of Records,  TV producer Alan Russell thought this would make a good TV show and so began Record Breakers.

As many readers old enough to remember the series was not without it’s share of sadness when, in 1975 Ross McWhirter a judge on the show was murdered by the provisional IRA.  However his brother Norris continued with the show until 1985 in a feature called “Norris On The Spot”.   Tragedy struck again when, in 1994, original host and all round entertainer Roy Castle (who would have been 90 this year) lost his battle with cancer.

Record Breakers clocked up an impressive 276 shows over 30 series during it’s 29 year run.


The show was based around world records and included interviews with those who held either British or World records.  There was also the previously mentioned feature where the McWhirter twins were tested on their great knowledge of records.  After the death of Ross this feature continued as “Norris On The Spot”.

Each show would usually climax with an attempt at a world record in the studio.









Roy Castle (1972 – 1993)
Cheryl Baker (1987 – 1997)
Kriss Akabusi (1993 – 1997)
Kate Gerbeau (1998)
Linford Christie (1998 – 2000)
Sally Gray (1999 – 2000)
Fearne Cotton (2001)


Norris McWhirter (1972 – 1985)
Ross McWhirter (1972 – 1975)


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Alan Russell
Original transmission Dates: 15th December 1972 – 21st December 2001


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