Carrott’s Lib – 1982

One of the early BBC shows made by Jasper Carrott, Carrott’s Lib was Carrott’s second outing with the BBC (his first being a one off show in 1976, entitled A Half Hour Mislaid with Jasper Carrott).

The show ran for two series and two specials, one a Christmas Special and the other an election night special.  Seventeen episodes in total were made and broadcast between 1982 and 1983.  Carrott was supported by many comedians that would go on to become very well known, the most famous of which was Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf and The Brittas Empire) and Jan Ravens (Dead Ringers and Spitting Image).


The show was a satirical show with sketches featuring as we mentioned a host of comedians.  Most of the show was broadcast live, although there were some elements that were recorded.







Jasper Carrott & Nick Wilton


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Jasper Carrott
Original Transmission Dates: 9th October 1982 – 30th December 1983


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