Now Allo Allo Causing Offence

I begin to wonder whether we’ll ever see another classic sitcom that just makes us laugh out loud.  The Sun newspaper reported yesterday that now the woke brigade are going after Allo Allo by warning about outdated content.

The classic sitcom ran for ten years on the BBC and nobody was spared as it sent up the English, French and Germans.  There was also the camp/gay Lt Gruber everyone was fair game.

The Sun reported “The saucy sitcom has a warning due to the vast amount of sexual innuendos and stereotypical jokes about French and German characters.”  The show can currently be streamed on Brit Box where bosses have slapped a warning  “This classic comedy contains language and attitudes of the time that may offend some viewers.”



The show is just another in a growing list of shows with the outdated content warning including One Foot In The Grave, Steptoe and Son and Fawlty Towers

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At this rate we will have warnings on everything we watch.  Good comedy is all about sending people and things up if we can’t learn to accept it then we can’t complain when comedy ceases to be funny.  We don’t seem to want warnings about distressing scenes when people are murdered in TV dramas.

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