Johnny English, 2003

Twenty years after his cameo role as an inept secret agent in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again, Rowan Atkinson returns to British Intelligence, this time he’s the star in the James Bond Parody: Johnny English.

The film was written by three Bond writers and had all the hallmarks you’d expect from a Bond film, a beautiful girl in the form of Natalie Imbruglia, an Aston Martin and trademark tuxedo.  The film was a massive worldwide hit grossing $160 million.


As in a traditional Bond movie the film has an opening sequence, in which Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson), an inept British Intelligence agent, is “Agent One”.  Sneaking into a building, he distracts two guard dogs with toys, knocks out two guards and seduces a woman who threatens him.

He is awoken from his fantasy just as he is about to kiss the woman by the real Agent One (Greg Wise), for whom English is preparing mission documents.

After we learn Agent One has been killed and all the other agents have been killed by a bomb whilst attending his funeral, there is only one agent left – Johnny English.

Agent One had discovered a plot to steal the Crown Jewels and it is left to English to investigate further.   Teaming up with another agent Lorna Campbell, Johnny English displays hilarious ineptitude as he tries to thwart the plot to steal the Crown Jewels and stop the overthrow of the British Monarchy.








Rowan Atkinson
Ben Miller
John Malkovich
Natalie Imbruglia


Written By:
Neal Purvis
Robert Wade
William Davies
Produced By:
Tim Bevan
Eric Fellner
Mark Huffam
Directed By: Peter Howitt
Distributed By: Universal Pictures
Release Date: 11 April 2003



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