Watch Out ! ….Beadle’s About ! 1986

After Game For A Laugh, the presenters went onto other projects, perhaps one of the most popular was Jeremy Beadle’s Saturday Nigh Classic: Beadles About.

The show was phenomenally popular, at it’s peak attracting audiences of 15 million viewers. This made it  one of ITV’s most popular Saturday night shows during it’s ten year run.


The program revolved around peoples’ reaction to practical jokes, often set up by friends or family.

Typically these could involve a person’s car or van secretly being swapped for an identical one and then disaster would strike.  Typical disasters often included the vehicle falling into the sea or being dropped from a great height, as the owner of the vehicle looked on in horror.

After a few minutes Beadle would appear in disguise (typically as a policeman or some other figure of authority, and often wearing a fake beard on top of his natural beard), and interact with the shell-shocked and/or irate victim.

He would subtly drop more and more hints and would remove his disguise and point a stick microphone at the person.

The public were familiar with Beadle from his time, with an earlier show earlier show, Game For A Laugh, so once they realized they’d been had, they took things in good humour.









Hosted By: Jeremy Beadle


Channel: ITV
Produced By: London Weekend Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 22nd November 1986 – 14th September 1996





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