Sharon And Elsie, 1984

Another forgotten? sitcom.  This one starred Brigit Forsyth.

It originally aired for 12 episodes over 2 series between 1984 and 1985.  It’s since been repeated once on UK Gold in the early 1990’s, but to date has not managed a DVD release.


Elsie Beecroft is a middle-aged, middle-class office administrator in a printing firm. Her world is perfectly ordered until young working-class girl, Sharon Wilkes is hired as the new office secretary.

Initially prone to be snobbish, Elsie soon learns to appreciate Sharon and the two become friends.

Many storylines revolve around the family life of either Sharon or Elsie, with Sharon’s brother Elvis and her boyfriend Wayne and Elsie’s husband Roland making regular appearances.

Humour also comes from a lecherous factory floor manager, Stanley Crabtree, whose womanising prompts some prickly responses from both Sharon and Elsie.   Then there’s Ivy, the grumpy tea lady.







Bridget Forsyth – Elsie Beecroft
Janette Beverley – Sharon Wilkes
Lee Daley – Elvis Wilkes
John F. Landry – Stanley Crabtree
Maggie Jones – Ivy
John Wilde – Wayne
Gordon Rowlings – Ike Hepworth
John Junkin – Tommy


Channel: BBC1
Created And Written By: Arline Whittaker
Original Transmission Dates: 27th January 1984 – 26th July 1985





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