Sorry ! 1981

Proving that he too had a career outside of The Two Ronnies, Sorry! was a vehicle for Ronnie Corbett, giving  him the starring role – mild-mannered librarian Timothy Lumsden, still tied up in mother’s apron strings despite having arrived in his forties.

Sorry! ran for eight series over two runs clocking up an impressive forty two episodes plus one short.

It was a mark of the program’s success of that its catchphrase, “Language Timothy”, uttered by Timothy’s Father, Sidney, became a popular saying in families up and down Britain throughout much of the 1980s.


Sorry! is based around Timothy Lumsden  a 41 year old (in the first three series increasing to 42 and then 44 in subsequent series) librarian , who still lives at home with his domineering Mother Phyllis and henpecked father Sydney.

Although quite shy around women, Timothy longs to find love and leave home, but Phyllis is always aghast at the idea, and constantly manipulates her son into staying at home.

The series had it’s own catchphrase constantly uttered by Sydney, “Language, Timothy!” when he feels Timothy has said something inappropriate, even though most times nobody would typically find the words even close to offensive.

Timothy’s friend Frank and sister Muriel aide and abet Timothy in his constant plans to leave home, urging him to stand up to his mother once and for all.
Muriel has successfully left home, and married Kevin and as a result is viewed with distrust by her mother.







Ronnie Corbett
Barbara Lott
William Moore
Marguerite Hardiman
Derek Fuke
Roy Holder


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent
Originally Transmitted:
First Run – 12th March 1981 – 27th December 1982
Second Run – 28th April 1985 – 10th October 1988


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