the cast of the bbc tv series are you being served?

I’m Free! 50 Years Of Are Yo Being Served?

Are You Being Served? Dear Sexy Knickers, 1973

Are you Being Served? first graced (excuse the punn) our screens back in 1972 as part of the long running BBC Comedy Playhouse series.

However it was 50 years ago this very day that the staff of Grace Brothers returned for a full series that would see the show run for 13 years over 10 series.

Filmed on the 16th February 1973, Dear Sexy knickers was the first episode and is the subject of this post marking 50 years of Are You Being Served?





Mr Lucas tries to salvage his bad day at work by sending a love note to Miss Brahms, whom he addresses as “Sexy Knickers,” asking her to meet him after work.

Unfortunately his attempts to deliver the note to Miss Brahms are unsuccessful, and when he tries to retrieve it, he is thwarted by Captain Peacock. Peacock intercepts the note and hands it to Mrs Slocombe unread, setting off a succession of misunderstandings.






Mr Humphries – John Inman
Mr Lucas – Trevor Bannister
Mr Grainger – Arthur Brough
Captain Peacock – Frank Thornton
Mrs Slocombe – Mollie Sugden
Miss Brahms – Wendy Richard
Mr Rumbold – Nicholas Smith
Young Mr Grace – Harold Bennett


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft
Originally Transmitted: 21st March 1973