That’s Love, 1988

That’s Love was an ITV sitcom that ran for 26 episodes over 4 series from 1988.

Whilst the first two series were seen as straightforward sitcom by seri


The series revolves around the domestic problems of a young married couple, lawyer Donald and designer Patsy.  However the series takes a twist at the end of series two when it is revealed that, despite appearances from their photograph album, Donald and Patsy are not actually married.

From series three the focus turns to an affair between Donald and his client Laurel which unfortunately kicks off just after Patsy and Donald finally tie the knot.  This leads them to visit a marriage guidance counsellor.

Things take a further twist when in series four the counsellor, Tristan Beasley falls in love with Patsy, and they embark on an affair, but Patsy, realising she won’t feel the same way about Tristan, ends the relationship.

In the final moment of the series, Patsy runs to Donald’s arms, apologising to him for what she has done – it is left up to the viewer to decide whether the couple’s marriage is doomed or they may be able to rescue their relationship.  That’s love!







Donald Redfurn – Jimmy Mulville
Patsy Redfurn – Diana Hardcastle
Laurel Manasotti – Liza Goddard
Tristan Beasley – Tony Slattery


Channel: ITV
Written and Created By: Terence Frisby
Original Transmission Dates: 19th January 1988 – 24th March 1992

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