Wife Begins At Forty, 1988

A one off TV movie based on a play of the same name that was first performed in 1985.


 Wife begins at forty tells the story of George.  After eighteen years he believes he has a happy marriage.

However his belief is shattered when his wife Linda announces she is going to leave him.

With advice from: their son, his elderly father, Roger and a little help from the cocktail cabinet, George takes a hazardous course to rejuvenate his marriage.




In Full, thanks to Liza Goddard for up loading it!




Ray Cooney – George Harper
Tricia George – Betty Dixon
Liza Goddard – Linda Harper
John Horsley – Bernard Harper
Grant Piro – Leonard Harper
John Quayle – Roger Dixon


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Earl Barret and Arne Sultan
Screenplay: Ray Cooney
Directed By: Harold Snoad
Original Transmission Date: 28th December 1988


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