Make’Em Laugh! 1993

A six part ITV series screened in 1993 that showcased some of the best of British comedy films, from sitcom spin-offs to the legendary Carry On series


The series concentrated on film comedy and featured excerpts from an array of classics and showcases the comedy genius of the cream of British comedy.

From deep in the archives, Make ‘Em Laugh featured many of British film’s favourite comic moments – from hilarious horror spoofs to farcical crime capers!

Episodes featured clips arranged around a particular theme each week.





Those featured include: 

Alastair Sim
Frankie Howerd
John Cleese
Benny Hill
Will Hay
Kenneth Williams
Harry H. Corbett
Wilfrid Brambell
Mollie Sugden
Leslie Phillips
Marty Feldman
Warren Mitchell
Dick Emery
Sid James.

Films Covered


Up Pompeii!
Steptoe and Son
The Rebel
Till Death Us Do Part
Holiday on the Buses
The Great St. Trinian’s Train Robbery
Are You Being Served?
Every Home Should Have One
Ooh, You Are Awful
The Ghost of St. Michael’s
Numerous Carry Ons!


Channel: ITV
Originally Transmitted: 1993

DVD: Network On Air