That’s My Boy, 1981

Sometimes everything comes together perfectly.  That’s My Boy is just such an example.  Possibly one of ITV’s most underrated sitcoms.

Are You Being Served legend, Mollie Sugden is in fine form in this eighties classic, whilst Christopher Blake and the stunning Jennifer Lonsdale keep the laughter coming a plenty.

That’s My Boy ran for thirty seven episodes over five series between 1981 and 1986.

Produced by Yorkshire Television for ITV, it’s stood the test of time well, even if it would be seen as a little saucy by today’s standards, perhaps that’s why it’s not had a repeat since the demise of digital channel Granada Plus.


When Dr. Robert Price and his wife, Angie, employ the services of an interfering housekeeper by the name of Ida Willis, they cannot possibly see the turn of events that are about to unfold.

Ida discovers that Robert is the son she gave up for adoption as a baby.  However Ida can’t keep her silence and has to tell Robert and she proceeds to call him Shane, the name she gave him when he was born.  The laughs come a plenty as Robert clashes with a past he didn’t know he had.

Other characters include Ida’s troublesome brother Wilfred, and Robert’s adoptive Mother, Mrs. Price, an upmarket widow with whom Ida does not get on.

For it’s final two series the setting moves to a country Doctor’s practice and cottage.











Mollie Sugden – Ida Willis
Christopher Blake – Dr. Robert Price
Jennifer Lonsdale – Angie Price
Clare Richards – Mrs Price (Series 1 – 4)
Harold Goodwin – Wilfred Willis
Deddie Davies – Miss Parfitt (from Series 4)
Thelma Whiteley – Mrs Cross (Series 5)


Channel: ITV (Yorkshire Television)
Written by: Pam Valentine and Michael Ashton
Original Transmission Dates: 23rd October 1981 – 4th April 1986

Where To See It

Selected episodes are on You Tube

The entire series 1 – 5 is available on DVD from Network On Air


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