Jack Hylton Presents: The Tony Hancock Show, 1956

Mention Tony Hancock and most people would think of  those classic BBC shows on TV and radio.

However Hancock’s Half Hour was not Tony Hancock’s first proper TV series.

Between  1956 – 57, whilst still producing his popular Television and Radio Shows for the BBC, Tony Hancock starred in two series of his own ITV show -“Jack Hylton Presents; The Tony Hancock Show” The Tony Hancock Show.  It would be just a month after the first ITV series that the popular TV version of Hancock’s Half Hour was broadcast on the BBC.

There is not a great deal more information in the public domain about the show and at the time of writing there has been no commercial release of the show, it is thought that the entire second series has been lost.

Over the two series twelve episodes were broadcast fortnightly.

“Jack Hylton Present:The Tony Hancock Show” was the first two of five series Tony Hancock would make for ITV between 1956 and 1967.


Broadcast live.  The Tony Hancock Show took the form of a live sketch show with full supporting cast.







Tony Hancock
June Whitfield
John Vere
Clive Dunn
Dick Emery
Sam Kydd
Hattie Jaques
Eric Sykes


Channel: ITV
Written By:
Series Two: Eric Sykes and Larry Stephens, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson episodes 5 & 6 (uncredited)
Series One: Eric Sykes (with Larry Stephens episodes 1 & 2)

Produced By: Associated-Rediffusion for ITV television
Originally Broadcast: 27th April 1956 –  16th January 1957


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