The Beatles Comedy Connections

Proof that comedy has connections, however tenuous everywhere.  We were offered a challenge.  The Beatles Abbey Road is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary.  We were asked to find some comedy links, however we were not allowed to reference the cartoons, humerous quips made by The Beatles or their appearances on any comedy show.  Interesting challenge so here we go.

A Hard Day’s Night

Wilfrid Brambell star of hit sitcom Steptoe and Son stars as Paul’s Grandfather in A Hard Day’s Night.  Note the references to clean satirising Brambell’s famous other character Albert Steptoe.



The Goons

Beatles producer George Martin before he produced The Beatles produced comedy records on the Parlophone label.  One such record was Bridge On The River Wye, recorded in the Abbey Road Studios.  When Ringo Starr left the band for a period in 1968 he holidayed aboard Peter Sellers’ yacht.




Monty Python

George Harrison founded HandMade Films with Peter Sellers in 1978.  Harrison part mortgaged his home to help finance Monty Python’s Life Of Brian.  Eric Idle later called the financing”the most anybody’s ever paid for a cinema ticket in history”






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