Help! 1965

As it’s Sir Paul McCartney’s 80th Birthday!

The second and technically the last Beatles Movie.  Technically the last because the group fell out of love with the idea of movies, but were contractually obliged to make four, this obviously lead to the animated Yellow Submarine and the fly on the wall Let It Be.

The film, which was a comedy drama, made it’s Royal World Premiere at the London Pavilion Theatre in the West End of London on 29th July, 1965 in the presence of Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon and the Earl of Snowdon.

Whilst the film did not get the same rave reviews as the A Hard Day’s Night, today the film is regarded as being influential, particularly in the subsequent development of music videos.


A sacrificial ring is sent to Ringo in a fan letter, he subsequently wears it.

Meanwhile An eastern cult (a parody of the Thuggee cult) is about to sacrifice a woman to the goddess Kaili.  However, just as she is about to be killed, the high priestess of the cult, Ahme, notices that she is not wearing the sacrificial ring.

Learning that Ringo has the ring the cult are determined to retrieve the ring and sacrifice the woman.  So the great Swami Clang, Ahme, and several cult members including Bhuta, leave for London to track down The Beatles…







John Lennon as John
Paul McCartney as Paul
George Harrison as George
Ringo Starr as Ringo
Leo McKern as Clang
Eleanor Bron as Ahme
John Bluthal as Bhuta
Patrick Cargill as Superintendent
Victor Spinetti as Foot
Roy Kinnear as Algernon
Alfie Bass as Doorman
Warren Mitchell as Abdul
Mal Evans as Channel Swimmer (uncredited)


Written By: Charles Wood and Marc Behm
Produced By: Walter Shenson
Directed By: Richard Lester
Original Release Date: 29th July 1965


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