Last Of The Summer Wine, Where Are They Now?

Has it really been almost ten years since the final series Last Of The Summer Wine?  After the sad passing of Jean Fergusson we look back at some of those quirky characters and find out just how many are still with us.

Wally Batty

The long suffering husband of Nora played brilliantly by Joe Gladwin.  In the tribute below we remember some of those fantastic throw away lines delivered with such conviction.  Joe gladwin first appeared as Wally Batty in 1975 he stayed with the series until his death in 1987.



Sid and Ivy

Owners of the famous cafe.  Sid would often end up in scrapes with the trio only to find himself on the wrong end of Ivy’s tongue and tray.  The characters were played by John Comer and Jane Freeman.  They appeared in the very first series in 1973.  Sadly John Comer passed away in 1984, his last appearance was in the Christmas Special: Getting Sam Home.  Jane Freeman stayed with the series till the very end, many a character felt the wrath of Ivy’s tongue and tray over the years.  Jane passed away in 2017.  In this clip actress Jane Freeman takes us behind the scenes of the famous cafe and watch out for some classic Sid and Ivy at the end.



Compo and Nora

Bill Owen will always be remembered for his role as Compo.  Alongside Peter Sallis’ Clegg character and four different characters that made up the main trio over the years he would find himself on the wrong side of various scrapes and schemes.  However one thing he could never shake was his love for Nora Batty which produced some of the show’s funniest moments.  Sadly Bill Owen passed away in 1999.  Kathy Staff who played Nora passed away in 2008.




So many characters so many laughs.  We’ll return to some of the others in a later post.  You can follow our other Last Of The Summer Wine posts by clicking on the Last Of The Summer Wine tag.

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