Vicar of Dibley star Trevor Peacock dies at 89

The Vicar Of Dibley actor Trevor Peacock has died aged 89, his agent has confirmed.

The actor played the lovable but bumbling Jim Trott in the comedy series alongside its main star Dawn French.



His family said in statement: “Trevor Peacock, actor, writer and song-writer, died aged 89 on the morning of March 8th from a dementia-related illness.”

Parish council member Jim won viewers’ hearts with his catchphrase of “no no no no…” and his cheeky innuendo.

Peacock appeared in every episode of the BBC sitcom from 1994 to 2015, although he missed the recent Christmas special.

French tweeted a short but emotional post: “Night Trev. I love you.”

source and full story: BBC News

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