The House In Nightmare Park – 1973

Frankie Howerd starred in this parody of the successful Hammer Horror Films.  A certain writer famous for his Doctor Who creations is co-writer and producer.

Although we have been unable to get complete clarification we think that this was Frankie Howerd’s penultimate film role.


Frankie Howerd plays the part of a struggling actor, Foster Twelvetrees is invited to a large country home to perform a dramatic reading for the Henderson family.

Having been invited by Stewart Henderson, we find Henderson complimentary and enthusiastic towards Twelvetrees.  However his more sinister intentions become clear when  he secretly slices a poster of Twelvetrees.

Whilst they chat, Stewart’s sister Jessica  and their Indian servant Patel begin searching through Twelvetrees’ luggage.  He finds himself caught up in a chain of mysterious and dangerous events, to which  Twelvetrees responds with an unintentional wit and bumbling characteristic that we might expect from Frankie Howerd.





Frankie Howerd – Foster Twelvetrees
Ray Milland – Stewart Henderson
Hugh Burden – Reggie Henderson
Kenneth Griffith – Ernest Henderson
John Bennett – Patel
Rosalie Crutchley – Jessica Henderson
Ruth Dunning – Agnes Henderson
Elizabeth MacLennan – Verity Henderson
Aimée Delamain – Mother
Peter Munt – Cabbie


Screenplay and Production: Clive Exton and Terry Nation
Directed By: Peter Sykes
Distributed By: Anglo-EMI
UK Release Date: 1973

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