The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man, 1975

The Invisible Man was an American Sci-Fi series.  Starring British actor David McCallum, the series also proved to be a hit on British TV screens.

After a pilot episode in May 1975,  a further twelve episodes were screened.  The series itself was lighter and more humorous than the pilot episode.  Despite a successful start viewing figures began to drop as the series progressed.  Subsequently The Invisible Man was cancelled after just one season.


Working for the Klae Corporation,  Daniel Westin is involved in teleportation experiments.  Discovering  discovers that objects that are made invisible reappear after a few hours, Westin decides to become invisible himself, in part to prove that a human can survive the process, and also to test a serum he has developed to reverse the invisibility.

When he discovers that his research is to be used for military purposes Westin tries to destroy his research.  Whilst sneaking into the lab for a second time he becomes invisible for a second time, before triggering an overload and destroying the apparatus.  But it appears that after all the process is unstable, and he becomes only briefly visible before turning permanently invisible;  he cannot return to his visible state any longer, and the serum is ineffective.

Westin turns to his friend, Dr. Nick Maggio, a skilled plastic surgeon, who creates a disguise for him in the form of a face mask and a pair of gloves using a special material called Dermaplex that has the same properties as human skin, which enable Westin to appear in public.

By the conclusion of the pilot, the process’ lack of stability renders it effectively useless for commercial or military applications, and the Klae Corporation is persuaded to re-employ Daniel Westin in his research capacity despite his condition, and thus the series begins from this point. Westin seeks to perfect his work and at the same time find a cure — a means of restoring his visibility.

As the series was cancelled after twelve episodes viewers never get to find out if Westin is successful.










David McCallum – Daniel Westin
Melinda O. Fee – Doctor Kate Westin
Craig Stevens


Created By: Harve Bennett
Channel: NBC (US), BBC1(UK)
Original Transmission Dates: September 8th, 1975 – January 26th, 1976