Three Up, Two Down, 1985

Perhaps one of those less well remembered sitcoms from the 1980’s, Three Up, Two Down ran for 25 episodes over four series between 1985 and 1989.

It starred Michael Elphick, who a year later (1986) would star in the hit ITV show Boon.


Nick and Angie have just had a baby.  To help with the bills they decide it might be a good idea to rent out the basement.

However of all the possible tennents problems arise when both Nick’s father, Sam Tyler, and Angie’s mother, Daphne Trenchard, want the basement apartment.  When it can’t be decided who should have it the only solution seems to be to share.  However there is a further problem, Sam is a Cockney, while Daphne is Cheltenham-bred and has not forgiven her daughter for marrying Nick, a ‘common’ photographer. Both Sam and Daphne are widowed, stubborn and don’t get on.

Things go from bad to worse, from series two onwards, by the presence of Sam’s gloomy and pessimistic zoo-keeper friend Wilf Perkins, who ends up sharing Sam’s room, much to Daphne’s icy displeasure. Further complications arise through Daphne’s brief romance with a neighbour, the suave and crooked Major Giles Bradshaw, who is eventually sent to prison for acts of theft and fraud.

The comedy came from the clashes between Sam and Daphne, and the eventual romance that develops between them. The next-door neighbour, Rhonda, was a catalyst for bringing them together.









Michael Elphick
Angela Thorne
Lysette Anthony
Ray Burdis


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Richard Ommanney
Original Transmission Dates: 15th April 1985 – 18th June 1989



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