The Magnificent Evans – 1984

“There’s no point opening the curtains if there’s nothing in the parlour”

The Magnificent Evans is largely based on an earlier entry in the Comedy Playhouse series, also from the pen of Roy Clarke: entitled Pygmalion Smith that starred Leonard Rossiter in the title role.

This is another great comedy from the much missed Ronnie Barker.  The Magnificent Evans was written by Roy Clarke who had previously written Barker’s hugely successful Open All Hours, but only ran for one series totalling six episodes.

As it does not enjoy the repeats that Porridge and Open all Hours benefit from it’s largely forgotten about.


Ronnie Barker plays Plantagenet Evans, a Welsh photographer.  He’s a tactless, but likeable bully with an intolerance towards fools and an over-developed sense of his own abilities.

Rachel is Evans’s long-time fiancée, who also doubles as his assistant.  She has a full-time job steering his lusting eyes away from other women and back to his job.







Ronnie Barker
Sharon Morgan
Myfanwy Talog


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Original Transmission: 6 September 1984 – 11 October 1984


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