The Tomorrow People, 1973

Science Fiction for kids.  This now cult kids TV series ran for six series between 1973 and 1979.

Show creator: Roger Price dreamed up the idea in 1970; he initially offered the format to Granada, where he was working, they  it turned down so he offered it to Southern Television they took an interest but had concerns over the budgetary requirements.

Not to be beaten Price offered the idea to Lewis Rudd at Thames Television.  He commissioned a 13-episode series, having seen the potential of the idea, he was looking for a replacement for anothervshow (Ace of Wands) after its three-year run.  Also at this time At this time, ITV were keen to find its own answer to Doctor Who, although Price never really envisaged the show as such but more as an outlet for his own personal ideas and beliefs.


The Tomorrow People are British teenagers who have special powers.  Operating from a secret base (The Lab) built in an abandoned London Underground station. Their special powers enable them to communicate to each other using telepathy.

They can also transport themselves (they call it “Jaunting”). With the help of Tim their talking computer they battle the bad people of earth and space.






Cast (longest running members)

Nicholas Young – John
Philip Gilbert – Tim
Elizabeth Adare – Elizabeth
Peter Vaughan-Clarke


Channel: ITV
Created By: Roger Price
Original Transmission Dates: 30th April 1973 – 19th February 1979

The Tomorrow People streams on Britbox Uk

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