Series 3 – 6, 1987 -1992

Because of the changes made throughout this series we felt it better to break it up to follow the changes.

To re cap, Alf has lost his beloved Else and now lives on his own with lodger and homehelp Winston (Marrigold).

For series three to six there are a few changes:  Una Stubbs has left the series, this is explained as her moving back to London to marry a Doctor.  Winston moves out (Eamonn Walker had also left the series) and Pele becomes Alf’s new lodger.  There’s also travel plans and  a wedding or not.

After series five the show took a two year break returning for a sixth and final series in 1992.


With his daughter and lodger gone, it’s Alf and his new lodger Pele who have to learn to get along.  Alf begins to warm to Mrs Hollingsbury, after all the looney left council are selling off off council houses for tiny proportion of their value.  Hence Alf’s wooing (in his own unique way) of his upstairs neighbour, Mrs Hollingbury – much to the amazement of Mr Johnson and new lodger and carer, Pele.

With a wedding in prospect Alf and Mrs Hollingsbury take a trip to Australia to meet her Brother, taking a distraught Arthur (he’s just ALMOST, won the pools) with them.  When Alf gets jilted it’s back to London.

Back in London Alf has plenty to moan about and finds himself with a part time job, the wedding is back on and Alf and Mrs Hollingsbury almost make it up the aisle this time just a couple of dissagreements with the revised terms and conditions of the cermon to be sorted.

For the final series Alf discovers a ton of banknotes and becomes very rich. During the final series, Arthur did not appear due to Arthur English suffering from ill health, and so Alf gained a new friend, the Irishman Michael (played by James Ellis). Tricia Kelly departed, so Mrs. Johnson runs off with another woman. The character did briefly appear in this series, but was portrayed by Yvonne D’Alpra (the third person to play the role). The last episode aired on 3rd April 1992.








Warren Mitchell
Carmel McSharry
Eamonn Walker
Arthur English
Una Stubbs
Ken Campbell
Eileen Kennally
Tricia Kelly
James Ellis


Channel: BBC1
Written By : Johnny Speight
Original Transmission Dates:
Series Three – 23rd October 1987 – 26th November 1987
Series Four – 7th September 1989 – 19th October 1989
Series Five – 1st September 1990 – 3rd November 1990
Series Six – 21st February 1992 – 3rd April 1992


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