alf garnett's second feature film the alf garnett saga

The Forgotten Sequel!

The Alf Garnett Saga, 1972

The Alf Garnet Saga was the second film spin off from the hugely popular BBC TV series Till Death Us Do Part.

Although written by Johnny Speight and featuring an all star cast, this second film spin off featuring Alf Garnett is felt by many to not live up to the standard set by the television series, or the first Till Death Do Us Part film.

It’s perhaps most notable for the scenes of Alf on LSD and for the absence of Una Stubbs and Anthony Booth.  Their parts are taken by other actors.

Sadly this one never crops up on television, but the DVD is worth money.


The Garnetts have been kicked out of their Wapping home, so the bulldozers can move in, and been moved to a block of high-rise flats.

Alf struggles with what he terms ‘living in the sky”, riding elevators ( which frequently break down due to power cuts caused by the miners’ strike ) and walk long distances to the nearest pub.





Warren Mitchell … Alf Garnett
Dandy Nichols … Else Garnett
Paul Angelis … Mike Rawlins
Adrienne Posta … Rita
John Le Mesurier … Frewin
John Bird … Willis
Roy Hudd … Milkman
Roy Kinnear … Wally
Joan Sims … Gran


Written By: Johnny Speight
Directed By: Bob Kellett
Release Date: August 1972