What A Year – Part 1, 1974

Everyone else does it so we thought we’d try our own version.  Welcome to What A Year, each week we’ll pick some headlines, a record, some classic TV moments and look at the sitcoms starting and ending that year.  Hopefully it’ll bring back memories and we’ll keep it going.

In the news, 1974

In Music



David Essex had the best selling song of the year


Tom Baker took on the role of Doctor Who



Now cult, Kids TV series Bagpuss airs for the first time

Making Us Laugh

Monty Python’s Flying Circus came to an end on TV after seven series of classic sketches



Terry and June made their TV debut



Ken Dodd had his own TV show

The Social Club came to TV



Steptoe and Son’s final series began, it would come to an end with a Christmas Special later in the year




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